Prayer Circle and Prayers for the Sick


Do you know of someone who needs prayers? A loved one, neighbor, or friend? Call Cathy Asbell (leave a message at 485-6994)  or send in a prayer request form by clicking here and we will add them to our Prayer Circle. 


Anyone who cannot celebrate Mass with us in church because of illness, disability or age, or who wishes to receive the Sacraments (Confession, Communion, Anointing of the Sick), please call the Rectory at 223-5285

For all the men and women from our Parish, State and Country who serve in
the military and for the sick of our Parish, especially

Bishop Angell
Carl Baren
Sam Brigham
Richard Connery III
Claire Crossman
Gary Field
Alex Gotavaskas
David Jerome
Dean & Raylene Hedges
Betty Hutchinson
John & Jan Koval
Ally LaGue
Shirley Lanza
Carroll & Lydia Lewis
Mendoza Family
Anne O'Leary
Bea Phelan
Quentin Sabiano
Monsignor Searles
Janet & Robert C. Stevens
Sister Barbara Gregoire
William Shannon
Stella Thomas
Ellen Tyrrell
William Weaver