The Capitol Deanery Eucharistic Adoration Chapel at St. Augustine Church

Spend a Holy Hour with Our Lord for adoration and prayer.  Adoration is our opportunity to spend time with Jesus, getting to know Him, asking for our personal needs and praying for others.  Adorers are needed to spend time with Jesus so that literally our prayers will rise up at all hours of the day.

For more information contact:  Deacon Ges Schneider at 223-2151
                                                        or call the Rectory at 223-5285


Questions and Answers about Eucharistic Adoration:

Q. What is Eucharistic Adoration?
Eucharistic Adoration is the adoration of Jesus Christ, body, blood, soul and divinity in the Eucharist.  It is a demonstration of our faith in the words of Jesus, "This is my body, This is my blood." (Mark 14:23-24) The most essential tenant of our faith is that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, the Second Person of the Blessed Trinity and He has called us to Himself.  "Indeed, this is the will of my Father that everyone who looks upon the Son and believes in Him shall have eternal life."  (John 6:40) At the St. Augustine Chapel, we are open Monday through Saturday.

Q. Why does Adoration exist?
The Eucharist is God present among us and absolutely no other reason should be necessary to bring us to Him exposed for veneration.  However, additional He has asked you to come to Him as He is the source of all graces.  It is our obligation to worship our Creator and there is no other source for the solution to all the terrible problems confronting ourselves, our families, and the world. Eucharistic Adoration exists so that everyone has the maximum possible opportunity to grow spiritually in the life of Our Divine Savior. 

Q. How did Eucharistic Adoration start at the Capitol Deanery?
The idea for the chapel came as an inspiration to four friends.  The pastor at St. Augustine Church was very supportive and found a location and secured the funds necessary for the chapel set up.  The local committee received information, testimony and advice from other chapels and were in communication with the Missionaries of the Blessed Sacrament.  They also sent representatives to local parishes to discuss the project, and then held a marathon telephone session to set up the original schedule.  About 250 parishioners signed up.  The chapel opened on the Feast of St. Joseph in March 2003.  Following a Mass, it was dedicated by Bishop Kenneth Angell.  The Chapel was again blessed on the 10th anniversary by Bishop Salvatore Matano.

Q.  How long will it continue?
Eucharistic Adoration in the Capitol Deanery will continue as long as a sufficient number of the faithful continue to respond to the Holy Spirit and come at all hours of the day and night so that at least one person is present before the Lord exposed in the Monstrance. There are about 100 people in this apostolate.  We would like to have approximately 200 people.  We need your help.

Q. Where is Adoration held in the Deanery?
The Chapel is located at the front of St. Augustine Church. As you come in from the front steps, you go to the right and just past the Pieta Statue are the doors to the Chapel. There is parking in front and in back of the church. For security purposes, the doors of the church are locked from 8 pm until 7 am. Those who have late night and early morning hours have a code to enter the building.

Q. Who can participate?
Eucharistic Adoration is available to anyone who believes in the Eucharistic presence of Jesus Christ. Although it is principally a Catholic devotion, it is open to all who accept Christ's words, "I Myself Am the living bread come down from heaven." There are no age restrictions for no one is too young or too old to adore the living Christ. Did not Jesus say, "Come to me all you who are weary and find life burdensome and I will refresh you." (Mark 11:28)

Q. How can I participate?
Participation in Eucharistic Adoration most basically, only requires that a person come to the Adoration Chapel and worship Our Lord in the Eucharist. however, agreeing to come one hour each week at a specific time means that you have become a "Regular Adorer." You can sign up by calling the rectory at St. Augustine or Deacon Ges Schneider.

Q. Must I sign up for a specific hour?
It is not mandatory, but it is highly recommended to insure a continual presence before the Lord. There is no greater merit than when one makes a commitment to Jesus to come at a specific time, as this will mean a great sacrifice on the part of the adorer when they put the Lord before all other activities. It is also true that we will remember our obligation and the fact that we are depended upon by our fellow adorers.

Q. Why should I come?
Jesus Christ, God is as truly present in the Eucharist as He was when He walked upon the earth 2,000 years ago. Each moment that you spend in His divine presence will increase His divine life within you. Jesus is the answer to all of our cares, worries and problems, but only if we come to Him. There is no better way, outside of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass that we can stay in union with Jesus than Eucharistic Adoration.

Q. How long do I sign up for? What if I can't make my hour? What if I go on vacation?
When you sign up for Adoration, we ask you to sign up for 3 months. However, things come up such as sickness, family needs, etc. We have a list of substitutes available who can fill in for you. You can also find your own substitute by asking a friend of family member to fill in for you. If at any time an hour no longer works for you, we will help you find another time that does work. many of our adorers have been with us since the beginning in 2003. Talk to them to see how well this works for them.If you make the time to spend with Jesus, He will make sure that a time will work for you.

Q. What about inclement weather?
A. When you sign up as a regular adorer, we enter your phone number into an automated phone system. In the case of inclement weather, you will be notified of when the chapel is closed and when it is reopening. We also send out other announcement this way to let you know of other spiritual offerings and potluck events. We are community and this is our opportunity to get to know one another.



"The Eucharist is a priceless treasure: by not only celebrating it but also by praying before it outside of Mass we are enabled to make contact with the very wellspring of grace." -Pope St. John Paul II


"They (the Magi) prostrated themselves and did Him homage."  -Matthew 2:11


"Mary is present, with the Church and as the Mother of the Church, at each of our celebrations of the Eucharist. If the Church and the Eucharist are inseparably united, the same ought to be said of Mary and the Eucharist."  -Pope St. John Paul II